Plenty of Pit Bulls Foster Application

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Before you apply to become a foster, please consider the following:

We require all your personal dogs, cats, or other animals to be current on required vaccinations and be spayed or neutered unless there is a legitimate medical reason. We will call your vet to check! This is for the safety of both your animals as well as our foster dogs. We know different animals can be on different vaccination schedules, so please feel free to explain your individual situation if applicable.

Also, before you fill out this application, please make sure you have permission from your landlord, apartment manager, spouse, and/or roommates!



Please list two personal references (not relatives) and their relationship to you and your current veterinarian if applicable.



If you currently rent, please answer the following questions. If you do not know the answers, please find out before submitting this application. We do not have backup foster homes, so if you tell us you can have an 80 lb dog (for example), we need to know this information is true.


Please list all pets living in your home, including small pets like rabbits or hamsters and also livestock such as chickens, horses or goats.



By submitting this foster application to Plenty of Pit Bulls, you hereby agree to abide the terms below. Please read them carefully!

1. I will allow a rescue representative to visit my home (by appointment).

2. I understand that POPB will provide all medical care, food, and necessary equipment.

3. I agree to follow all instructions provided by POPB for the care of my foster dog.

4. I understand that the foster dog belongs to POPB and all veterinary care will be provided ONLY with POPB's explicit approval.

5. I agree to communicate regularly, and clearly, with POPB about any concerns or questions I have regarding my foster dog and to provide updates and information that will help my foster dog find the best forever home.

6. I understand it may take several days, or even weeks, for my foster dog to adjust to my home and I will be patient and follow all instructions from POPB.

7. I will follow all instructions about introducing my foster dog to my current animals and family members. This is necessary to ensure a successful transition and keep everyone safe.

8. If I cannot keep my foster dog for any reason, I understand that in most cases, there is no backup foster home and it may take weeks for the right home to be available. I will keep my foster pet while POPB looks for a new foster home.

9. I agree to bring my foster dog to all veterinary appointments and adoption events as requested.

10. I understand my foster dog might need to be isolated away from other animals for health or safety reasons.

11. I understand if I wish to adopt my foster dog, I must fill out an adoption application and be approved like all adopters. Approval to foster does not guarantee approval to adopt.

12. I understand if I decide to adopt my foster dog, I must pay the applicable adoption fee ($150). This is necessary to help defray the cost of medical care, food, supplies, and other needs of the rescue.

13. I understand any potential adopters MUST fill out an adoption application AND be approved by POPB, even if they are relatives or friends of mine.

If you have any difficulties with this form, please contact